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Profit with Purpose

From building a fair-trade cocoa exporting company with 27,000 farmers in the jungles of Sierra Leone, to a “fair-tech” software company and tech school in the slums of India, we get excited about ventures that create profit with purpose



To become a top 1% profitable global venture capital fund that focuses on radical change and advancements of the human condition by opening new opportunities of trade, commerce and investing in all corners of the world



KVCF (Kingdom Venture Capital Fund) seeks to create economic and social value, especially in developing nations; this allows for penetration of untapped markets and resources, seeking attractive yields whilst mitigating foreign risks. KVCF's long-term sustainable approach aims to serve many of the most urgent needs of developing nations, including India, Sierra Leone and Liberia to date. We have visited over 40 countries, meeting with award winning entrepreneurs and investors, with hopes to plant seeds now, and consciously expand to achieve our mission over time.


The Journey

Watch our documentary, “The Road to Pendembu” below


Impact Investing

KVCF believes that any viable investment opportunity that seeks attractive returns should in equal improve and strengthen of the livelihoods of its core target producers and users, an inevitable part of both short and long-term profitability. The KVCF model believes in creating stakeholder value first and foremost, and maintains the same core tenet with its approach to investing – every deal must be designed to create economic, social and spiritual value.


Upcoming Projects

Since the advent of Ebola in 2015 in Sierra Leone, we have now moved our operations to India, Canada and the United States to pursue continued venture capital opportunities in software development, fintech, alternative lending, cannabis, ecommerce and fair tech SaaS platforms.


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