Righteous Investing.





To raise $1 Billion in portfolio capital within 3 years or less, with 80% of all KVCF retained net earnings re-invested into new economic development-focused businesses that change nations.



To globally revolutionize private sector and the effects it has on the seven pillars of society



KVCF is a privately held group of companies that utilizes investor capital for the building and growing of economic development-focused start-ups. The corporate structure facilitates a safe foreign investment platform that provides high yields for its investors, while operating to serve many of the urgent needs of developing nation economies.

Focus is on employment, provision, health and safety, medicine, education and more. Our current investment strategy includes agriculture; both planting and trading on the world market, fusion architecture, marketing and design, foreign banking and payment processing in Africa.

We currently have 6 companies registered in the KVCF umbrella and 1 charity.

The Journey


To launch 12 subsidiary companies within the first 24 months and maintain a 4x multiple portfolio growth annually.



Since the official fund establishment in May of 2014, KVCF Holdings has quickly risen to become a force in agriculture and economic development in West Africa. Working in 5 countries with over 650 full time staff, two of the six current KVCF companies estimate to reach the #1 market share place within the first 12 months.


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