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Current Project

To raise additional $20 million in equity capital within 2 years to innovate, develop and impact the agriculture commodities and food processing sector.



To work closely with local farmers, international distributors and government-related programs to secure significant leverage and apply a 100% hands-on approach to creating portfolio value.



KVCF creates value in its underlying operating companies by generating attractive yields not uncommon in the realm of trading and financing of physical, soft commodities. Whilst mitigating risk across the entire scope of the supply chain by fixing purchase and selling price prior to release of capital, KVCF aims to generate solid portfolio growth with very low volatility, due to its non-speculative approach.

KVCF’s capital growth strategy simultaneously serves many of the most urgent needs of developing nations in West Africa, in particular Liberia and Sierra Leone, making it a holistic approach to capital appreciation.

The strategic focus is set at all times on the cultivation and trading of agriculture commodities as well as food processing and branding. In this context, capital is deployed as short-term credit (e.g. self-liquidating loans) with a high loan-to-value ratio in conjunction with mezzanine finance, private equity and related hybrid finance models. In every transaction, KVCF takes full control of the entire supply chain until end-buyers purchase the products for retail distribution.

Our investors range from private individuals looking for exposure to capital growth through real assets, all the way to professional investment funds diversifying their investment strategy with asset-based finance.


The Journey

Impact Proposition

KVCF believes that a viable investment opportunity with attractive returns shall be based on the improvement and strengthening of the livelihoods in the surrounding villages,asan inevitable part of short and long-term profitability. The KVCF model invests 80% of all net earnings into local businesses after repayment of investors, allocates 10% to its charity arm and the remaining 10% to the holdings company.


Investor Package

Contact us to receive our most recent investor package illustrating milestones achieved, information on the management team and past returns (please note that only accredited investors who agree to the liability disclaimer are eligible to receive the package).


Liability Disclaimer

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